This Week in Tech 588: New Phone, Who Dis?

Host: Leo Laporte
Guests: Mike Elgan, Lauren Hockenson, Alex Wilhelm

Did Facebook help Donald Trump win the US Presidential Election? Apple’s new MacBook Pro is selling better than last year’s model. Google’s Daydream View VR headsets are out, and they are hot. Literally. Twitter’s COO leaves – is Twitter in trouble? Snapchat’s new Spectacles go on sale – if you can find them. The Unicode Consortium approves 56 new emojis. Sadly, not Finland’s suggested emojis – “sauna” and “heavy metal headbanger.”

Mike Elgan thinks that Facebook has to step up to the fact-checking bat when it comes to its News Feed.
Alex Wilhelm can’t stop tweeting – in fact, he’s tweeting right now!
Lauren Hockenson gives her first-hand impressions of the Daydream View