Leaked screenshots of upcoming Windows 10 Mobile build give us a clue about what’s next

Screenshots of a Windows 10 Mobile build that is being tested internally at Microsoft have been leaked. While the screenshots do not point to any massive changes, there are some new features that users will be pleased with.

Different Text Sizes

The first of these is the ability to change the size of text, apps and items on the display. This is similar to DPI scaling on the desktop and can be very useful in making the OS more accessible as a number of devices with different form factors, screen sizes and resolutions become more common. For example, Microsoft plans to use some form of Windows 10 Mobile on all tablets below 8 inches and, thus, it seems wise to allow those users to have a different scaling than a 4-inch smartphone.

It must be noted, that text size can decreased or increased through the setting Ease of access > More options > Text scaling in the current Windows 10 Mobile Insider build.

The change will also allow users to increase the number of tile columns in the Start screen, as reducing the on-screen size of the dpi scaling increases the available real estate.

The second change observed in the new build is the addition of extra options when developer mode is turned on.

The build is also supposedly more stable and faster than previous builds, with the lock screen and the Notification Centre both being far more optimised and showing less lag than current builds. It is still not clear, however, if this build is a release candidate and nor has the source been able to corroborate the version number of the build. Thus, the likelihood of this build making it to your device is very much up in the air.

WinBeta’s Zac Bowden has also claimed in an article that they are in possession of a newer build which uncovers the aforementioned features, but are not revealing the build number at this time.

Source: @tfwboredom via Plaffo and WinBeta