Windows 10 Build 10056 — What’s New in the Latest Leak

The notorious Recycling Bin gets a makeover, and the Start Menu creeps closer to its classic form

DailyTech - Windows 10 Build 10056 -- What's New in the Latest Leak

Summer — the launch target for Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT) Windows 10 — is creeping closer by the day, to the joy of many. Microsoft’s software and design teams are clearly toiling away try to perfect the remaining unfinished details of their vision in these final months.

The last Insider Preview “Fast Ring” build — Build 10049 — was released at the end of March packing the new “Project Spartan” consumer browser. Having used it for two wakes I can say it’s reasonably stable and a nice improvement over Build 10041 (which we also received in March via a mid-month delivery). While we’re still waiting on the next public beta (or “Preview” in Microsoft’s new parlance) of the operating system, leakers have been busy, leaking unreleased builds.

On April 3 (two Fridays back) top leaker Wzor leaked Build 10051. While it’s hard to tell from the Russian language posts [1][2] on the build graphically it looks like not much is changed since Build 10041. On April 4 — the 40th anniversary of the founding of Microsoft — Wzor leaked the new build in downloadable form to the greater public.

On April 9 (last Thursday) Wzor leaked Build 10056 [1][2]. Neowin also got their hands on a copy of this build on Friday. Unlike Windows 10 Build 10051, Build 10056 brought some relatively major graphical changes [1][2][3][4] — and a eye-catching UI option with a minor registry tweak. (Neowin apparently has a problem with the yellowy goldenrod color — maybe they had a negative experience with Dave Chapelle’s R. Kelly character?)

DailyTech - Windows 10 Build 10056 -- What's New in the Latest Leak

With a registry tweak the build lets you customize the Taskbar and Notifications panes to a multitude of colors. [Image Source: Neowin]

Enthusiasts and testers considering downloading these builds should be cautious. Be aware that you may not be able to properly installl future Insider Builds, so unless you have a license you can use to format the machine and recover Windows 8.1(, etc.) or if you’re testing on a primary wor

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